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The theme that is being researched in my work is based on a fascination for the botanic world. The life force that shows itself again and again so vibrantly and abundant in different forms and under different circumstances.

Within this spectrum I choose sub-themes to work with, such as Qi: the vital energy or breath of life. Or Eros the mythological figure and directional force of love.

When working in relation to such a theme I paint multiple works simultaneously. The content forms a playground into which the artworks can grow. Often the work seems to have it’s own stubborn ways of becoming, as if it knows exactly what it wants to be. My painting is merely a way of getting there. I, as the maker, try to tune my head, heart and soul into this purpose the work seems to have. Curious of what will grow under my hands.

This process of making is ever so interesting to me. Technical means and content work together, or oppose one another. The difference between harmony and disharmony seems to depend on the subtle art of adapting to and communicating with what is unfolding. In choosing the colours I look for combinations that create a visual energy and vibrance. In the forms and layers of the painting I look for mutual relations. In doing so, I aim to reflect something of the natural world and the life force that moves and surprises me so often.

May 2019

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